Miniacal - Greg's 2007 Mini Cooper S

DIY Garmin Nuvi GPS Mount

I have a Garmin Nuvi 680 and needed a good mount for it. I've seen some of the commercially available mounts, but they were either expensive, or I didn't like the mount location they used. So I decided to make my own.

You'll need:

Cut off a piece of the hanger as shown below:

Use the two pliers to make a few bends.

Another shot...

Poke the two ends of the wire up into the Garmin mount, behind the hinge. It should fit snugly between the base and arm.

The looped end goes into the vent.

Here are the wire mount and the Garmin mount, without the GPS unit.

Here's the driver's view of the finished product. You might need to use the pliers to adjust the bends in the wire in order to position the GPS unit where you want it.

The GPS unit is now positioned where it is easy to see and easy to reach while driving. It doesn't block my view of the road, but I don't need to take my eyes off the road to see it.